Ian Campbell - Principal -

Ian grew up in Arkansas receiving his degree in architecture from the University of Arkansas - Fay Jones School of Architecture. Ian has traveled around the world studying architecture and design with resident programs in Italy, Mexico and Denmark.

Before founding RSVR, Ian designed projects with several internationally award winning design firms including Zero Plus Architects (Seattle, WA), Lead Pencil Studio (Seattle, WA) and Works Partnership Architecture (Portland, OR). His design experience ranges from large scale commercial projects to small residential remodels and temporary artistic installations. In his current projects Ian is exploring the intersection of architecture, art and industrial design through temporary and permanent installation works.

Ian also has a moderate to severe addiction to vintage Eames furniture and Secret Aardvark hot sauce.

Hayley Buckbee - Principal 

Hayley grew up on the southern Oregon coast and she holds a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from Portland State University. In 2014 she received her Masters of Architecture from University of Washington in Seattle. Her graduate thesis investigation explored the spatial and cultural relationships between public land art and architecture. Hayley’s architectural and cultural studies abroad has taken her to the countries of Italy, Spain, and Ukraine. Hayley joined Ian Campbell and RSVR in 2011 for the installation of Tacoma Array. Since then Hayley has contributed to RSVR research through design collaboration and installation of pieces in Portland, Tacoma, and Seattle. Hayley is exploring the use of intervention to engage public space and utilitarian forms.


Past RSVR contributors:

Jena Restad, Benjamin Gray, Roberto Ramirez


RSVR visual research is an exploratory design and fabrication practice focused on merging architecture, art, and industrial design, led by Ian Campbell.  Ian's work is informed by the exploration of light, the process of making + craft and the formation of memories. Every project has a uniquely designed fabrication process that challenges the status quo, with the aim of creating environments that enhance sensation, generate spectacle and invite personal engagement.