Project Brief:

The theme of the Expo 2012 Yeosu was selected to raise people's awareness about the values and the critical environmental problems of oceans; and to suggest a new ocean vision for future generation.                

Yeosu 2012 The Living Ocean and Coast, project brief excerpt


Project Synopsis:

SEA NET WALK is an emergent, immersive and environmentally-integrated Thematic Pavilion for Yeosu Expo 2012. Our proposal amplifies the experience of the Thematic Pavilion by creating an architectural system of dispersal which allows visitors and researchers direct interaction with the ocean and coastal environment.  This project is a living and adaptive building set into and on the water, adjusting daily with the tidal ebb and flow.  


Our proposal emerges from the conditions of the ocean, the tides, the geologic strata and the atmosphere. It is partially fixed in proximity to the breakwater, with arms that flow in and out with the tidal movement.


Environmental immersion is vital for a visceral, sensory understanding of the oceans, as well as the collection of data and physical sampling, testing and evaluation for research. 

Environmental Integration

SEA NET WALK takes a holistic and systematic approach, integrating direct experience, exhibits, research, bioremediation, economic development and adaptive reuse into a cohesive whole. As an example of living building technology and its expressive potential, this proposal uses the elements of sun, wind, rain, water collection and tidal movement in a fully integrated system of engineering. The building becomes organism, and the participants are a part of that life form. 

We see the world piece by piece, as the sun, the moon, the animal, the tree; but the whole, of which these are the shining parts, is the soul. —Ralph Waldo Emerson


2009 AIA Washington Honor Award Winner - Citation.


Design Team: Ian Campbell & Zero Plus