Project Description:

Summer 2015 - Installation - Seattle, WA

#CAP_HILL_IS was crafted in response to the surrounding urban environment and Capitol Hill neighborhood.  This intricate, ephemeral sculpture stretched nearly 50 feet and resided in the heart of Seattle’s Pike/Pine corridor, serving as a point of reflection in one of the city’s most diverse and rapidly transforming neighborhoods. #CAP_HILL_IS represents the community that composes the transforming neighborhood and the individual power among residents to elicit change. The multiplicity of individual voices in the community has the power to promote positive transformations, #CAP_HILL_IS encouraged exercising this capacity.


Photos by: RSVR & Tony Archie Kim


Video Footage: RSVR & Tony Archie Kim

This project would not be possible without the generous support from:

Hybrid Architecture
ORA Architecture
Jena Restad
Shane Leaman
Justin Schwartzhoff
Michael Webb
Claire Showalter
Thomas Mitchell
Tony Archie Kim
Cinthya Miralrio
Leah Ruby