Project Description:

Proposal For Temporary Light Installation - Amsterdam, NE

One common element every European city shares is a pervasive unifying light based infrastructure. The modern day street lamp delicately traces the urban network of paths, avenues, and canals, injecting life in the absence of daylight. The street lamp composes the darkened cityscape and reveals the urban veins that shape Amsterdam’s unique identity. Between 1660 and 1700 nearly every city in Europe implemented street lamps and within a 40 year period Europe shared this amazing connective element which provided safety and additional layers of character to the European streetscape. Our proposal seeks to leverage Amsterdam’s existing urban light infrastructure, harnessing it’s presence in an unexpected way as a means to reimagine our collective relationship to public space illumination. We propose that the ubiquitous light of the urban streetlamp be allowed to escape its enclosure and take physical form thus providing an armature for social interaction.