The vertical feltscape is a naturally emerging ecology that begins with sculpted felt panels that develop into a rich landscape giving texture, habitat, richness and diversity to previ- ously lifeless walls in the urban context. The felt is soaked in a biologically rich medium
to encourage a growth evolution naturally seeded by the surrounding enviroment. The folds and crevices of the final sculpted form holds moisure and collects organic material that will naturally attract a diverse range of flora native to the surroundings. This effect ensures that the most suitable, sustainable and appropriate species are cultivated thus requiring minimal maintenance and also providing the ideal habitat for local birds adding to the diversity of the ecosystem of the city. The system is designed to be self sustaining - in addition to the hardy site specific plants, a repurpose car windsheild (Dodge Aerostar) acts as a water collection mechanism that provides a natural gravity fed irrigation though the wicking of the felt. The overall result helps to process carbon dioxide wastes of the city and aesthetic beauty bringing the greater wellness to the community. 


Design Team: Ian Campbell & Zero Plus