When Lightning Strikes

Project Description:

Spring 2016 - Installation - Seattle, WA

“When Lightning Strikes” is an art installation, exposing the insides of a formerly squatted house. Previously obscured by shadows, the installation provides the whole corner with a constant yellow glow. The gestural ‘strike’ cuts through every room, marking out new territory in the space, while keeping the puzzling markings and remnants of the previous tenants. 

This is the first of several art installations and events planned to revitalize this corner house on 12th and Thomas. Boldly visible from the street, the ‘lightning strike’ invites passerbyers to watch the evolution of the home, from today to its eventual demolition. 

installation by:
RSVR & Tony Archie Kim


“When Lightning Strikes” was installed as part of Seattle Demo Project 09 // "MURKISH"

This is the 9th house occupied by the Seattle Demo Project - an Award winning Cross-Disciplinary Collective of artists, designers, and architects that activate soon-to-be-demolished structures for artistic exploration & Cultural Development. 

“Murkish” is a reference to the nature of vacant homes. It’s often unclear what is happening in the home. While the Land Use Signs are meant to communicate the ambitions of the property, they’re oftentimes defaced or unclear. Similar developments in the neighborhood have attracted Squatters, arsons, questionable drug use, and undecipherable graffiti - murky waters, at best. 

Until it’s eventual demolition, this temporary creative space will be host to various artists, performances, and events. By inviting arts and cultural communities into the space, the ambition of this project is to peel away the Murk through Urban Interaction, allowing neighbors the opportunity to build positive memories with our changing city.

"MURKISH" team:
Tony Archie Kim
Max Bemberg
Gina Gage
Ian Campbell


Photos by:
Tony Archie Kim & Ian Campbell