Second Nature

Second Nature is an ongoing series of temporary light installation by visual artists Ian Campbell of RSVR visual research at locations throughout the Pacific Northwest. The temporary laser light installations are staged for a single night in remote locations, creating a sort of ephemeral light phenomenon within dramatic landscapes. 

Second Nature is about revealing the unseen – the often invisible imaginative experiences, and memories which exists in our minds.  Second Nature focus on the potential of special relationships to be more and different than how they are commonly perceived and understood.  I am on an ongoing exploration fulfilling an innate desire to discover, share, and think.  By using laser light interventions Second Nature is an attempt to inject ephemeral interventions into nature to produce a heightened sense of the present.

Images are not manipulated beyond panorama stitching.  All lighting captured in camera.

This projects began while serving as artist in residence North Cascades National Park.  Special thanks to the Staff and Park Rangers of the National Park Service.