Stations: Stops through þingeyri’s Edible Landscape

Project Description:

Spring 2016 - Installation - Seattle, WA

þingeyri, Westfjords, Iceland

“Stations” is a collaboration between installation artist Ian Campbell and food designer Miguel Olivares.  “Stations” occupied a partially renovated German public bus and transformed the evening into an immersive food experience, that takes you on a journey through the edible landscape of þingeyri. The meal was an invitation to reflect on the environment and ancestral heritage of this village to reimagine new food possibilities long forgotten or yet discovered. This four-course dinner was designed in tandem with a continuously evolving light installation by Ian Campbell. The environment design was conceived as an examination of Icelandic seasonal lighting conditions that shape the rhythm of daily life and in-turn the course of the meal.Gallery:

Photos by:
Miguel Olivares, Isobel Grad, & Ian Campbell